3DEXPERIENCE R2017x for Academia on the cloud

Design and Engineering (UXD)

Advanced surface design to support industrial styling projects, Products to take industry constraints into account: composite, sheet metal. Easy-to-use tools to help Design School students formalize and visualize their concepts in 3D and to make the design phase part of the product lifecycle.

30 commercial roles are embedded within this academic role
Trigram Name Description Shot
MES Mechanical & Shape Designer A powerful set of applications built to allow the creation and management of sophisticated mechanical projects, including advanced & complex surface design
M3D 3DMaster Designer One single full 3D product definition for manufacturing without drawing documents
SMW SheetMetal Designer It provides an associative feature-based modeling, making it possible to design sheet metal representations in concurrent engineering
FPP Plastic Mechanical Designer A comprehensive set of applications to create manufacturing-ready molded parts, using ultra-fast functional modeling technology
VSO Reverse Shape Optimizer Reverse Shape Optimizer optimizes virtual 3D shapes from simulation results or digitized real operating or manufacturing conditions.
CDD Product Industrial Designer Product Industrial Designer is the complete and unified industrial design solution to boost creativity, design and qualify and reduce time-to-market.
RPE Virtual & Physical Prototyper Virtual Physical Prototyper: Create rapid prototypes and 3D-prints or visualize physical objects with reverse engineering
KPO Product Optimization Designer Optimize product creation and definition, respecting key performance indicators
KDI Template Designer Create a define Engineering template capture, containing knowledge behavior & parameters and reuse as generative
CDF Composites Engineer Complete solution built for designing and industrializing composites parts - combining Composites Designer and Manufacturer roles
MTG Mold & Tooling Designer Design, Detail and Validate Injection Mold
MDT Mechanical Tooling Designer Process oriented set of applications for the creation and management of products which include predefined components
KHC Best practices Designer Create & Define enterprise rules, respecting company standards and best practices
ELG Electrical 3D Systems Designer An integrated 3D electrical development environment which enables the physical design of wire harnesses and cabling in the context of the Digital Mock-Up
EMP Electrical Harness Manufacturing Engineer Generate a flattened definition of the 3D wire harness design to create manufacturing form-boards and harness documentation
FLG Fluid 3D Systems Designer An integrated 3D fluid systems development environment for the physical design of tubing, piping and HVAC systems in the context of the Digital Mockup
ICD Class A Modeler Class A Modeler: State of the art and intergated Class-A surface modeling solution combining the power of CATIA with the precision of ICEM
FFX Class A Expert Class A Expert add-on process, provides specific Surface Modeling apps, fnctions and analysis tools to create and modify Class A surfaces
FFS Aesthetical Shape Modeler Aesthetical Shape Modeler extension provides specific surface modeling apps to achieve increased shape quality and precision
SMH Hydroformed SheetMetal Designer It provides an associative feature-based modeling making it possible to design sheet metal representations in concurrent engineering
CBA Composites Braiding Designer the "Composites Braiding Designer" role is a powerful role-based on 3D-Braiding process application which allows designers to accelerate the design of composites
FDE Fasteners Designer Fasteners Designer is a role dedicated to the design and instantiation of fasteners across all industries
CTN Structural Package Designer NEW The Structural Package Designer role enables designers to create and modify packages with accuracy. It offers a highly productive and intuitive design environment providing different tools to fulfill packaging needs
GDE Function Driven Generative Designer NEW Explore and generate organic shapes, on target, with a solution for Additive Manufacturing, also addressed to traditional manufacturing.
DRD Structural Analysis Engineer Use finite element techniques to assess the structural integrity of products
SCI Composites Simulation Engineer NEW
INJ Plastic Injection Part Engineer NEW
FMK Fluid Dynamics Engineer NEW Perform routine fluid calculations under steady-state flow conditions
ECA Car Design Ergonomist Use Lifelike Manikins to Analyze Ergonomics and Occupant Safety
EMA Ergonomist Create highly specific lifelike manikins