Governance and Project Management (UXG)

Extends Business and Industry Innovation with numerous organizational and work process related tools. It targets any educational activity where the development of technical management skills is a desired learning outcome. It also provides educators with powerful tools to control and manage their teaching and research processes.

6 commercial roles are embedded within this academic role.

Trigram Name Description Shot
TRM Requirements Manager Reduce product failures through customer co-creation and a requirements-driven devleopment process Screenshot
DPM Project Manager Deliverables-based project management links product development data to a project, enabling real-time monitoring and assessment to improve project performance. Screenshot
CHG Change Management A strategic close-loop collaborative change process that clearly communicates change decisions and assignments to all impacted domains. Screenshot
CMM Configuration Management for BOM Collaborate on a configured BOM to reduce or eliminate BOM Errors Screenshot
PDA Product Architect Address market needs while minimizing costs by defining and optimizing a multi- discipline product architecture. Screenshot
CCM Classification Manager Improve reuse and reduce costs through secure content classification. Screenshot

Academic-specific limitations

Digital tagging (also known as "watermarking")

Files produced by the academic version of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform may be digitaly marked preventing their usage onto a commercial installation.