Marketing Content Animator (CHA)


Interactive experiences are more lifelike with the addition of character animation, rigid body physics and large-scale planet environments.
The Marketing Content Animator extension allows a virtual character from the library to interact with a product. The character can also be placed in a scenario with a large-scale planet environment.Animation provides lifelike actions, and allows the character to fully engage with its environment. Real-time physics tools, that simulate collision detection and external forces like gravity, provide an additional layer of realism and bring the scene to life.


  • Reuse and create virtual, real-time universes and planet environments
  • Actual Earth and Moon topographical data, fully driven by date
  • Human behavior scripting, animations and interactions
  • Rigid body behavior based on damping, restitution & friction
  • Enables gravity, collision detection & external forces
  • Mixed modes for static, dynamic & controlled by physics, or interactive & controlled by behavior

User values

  • Enhance storytelling for special Marketing Experiences with virtual human representation and large scale planet environments
  • Increase experience realism through real-life physics and actor simulation
  • Streamline animation setup through scripting and collision for even complex animations
  • Capitalize on existing simulation data from Design and Engineering for Marketing purposes

This commercial role is part of the following academic role

  Trigram Name
UXP Marketing Experience