Marketing Model Processor (PPO)


Automate the cleaning and simplification of product data on local hardware that is used for Marketing Experiences.
Marketing Model Processor connects Design and Engineering business processes to the cloud-based, product marketing world by using local hardware resources.Marketing Model Processor transforms the engineering and design information into prepared product information to be utilized for Marketing Experiences across multiple channels.Ensure digital continuity by streamlining direct and secure product updates to the cloud.Use the Marketing Model Processor to create a simplified, IP-protected, on premises product, and share it with marketing agencies that are connected to the cloud.


  • Streamline the On-premise Product Lifecycle/Design processes with cloud-based Product marketing.
  • Provide parameters to configure and customize product preparation operations for experiences.
  • Leverage a full set of operators that are provided through the data preparation engine.
  • Utilize local hardware resources to execute data preparation operations in Batch mode for different products.
  • Define & reuse the standard data preparation operations across multiple products and revisions.

User values

  • Expand the reach of product data from on-premises product design to cloud-based product marketing.
  • Secure collaboration between OEM and agencies for marketing scenarios.
  • Simplify and clean product data for repurposing across multiple media channels.
  • Reduce time to market for the marketing content by replicating the content creation process across different evolutions during the Product Lifecycle.
  • Standardize marketing content production by defining and reusing configured data preparation operations across multiple products.
  • Protect intellectual property by removing engineering features and other sensitive information.

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