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NEW (post GA) Connect Abaqus with 3DEXPERIENCE and leverage the best capabilities of each
Existing users of Abaqus can take advantage of many benefits of using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform including capture and sharing of existing analysis methods using Abaqus, easy collaboration with other analysts, and publishing their work for others to build upon. Until now, there has been no easy way for analysts to use Abaqus on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and leverage these platform benefits. Abaqus Specialist (PXA) allows the existing Abaqus user to build, capture, and run simulation processes and methods that use Abaqus. Abaqus/CAE may be opened directly from 3DEXPERIENCE, models may be imported and defined, then run, executed, and post-processed all from the platform. This allows simulation methods to be captured, shared, exposed, and leveraged by other users and stored for future re-use. Abaqus Specialist (PXA-OC) supports on-demand compute licensing for Abaqus input files providing a new value for existing Abaqus users. Compute Credit Packs (CCR-OC) are required. Abaqus Specialist benefits from Simulation Data Science capabilities enabling all simulation activities, models, and results to be linked, traced, managed, updated, published, re-used, and analyzed with ease by all impacted users. Abaqus Specialist inherits all of the values of the Simulation Process and Optimization (SPI) Platform Option allowing the user to develop re-usable, deployable simulation processes, enabling simulation value to be experienced as an integral part of your product development activities. See the Simulation Process and Optimization BFS for more information.


  • Social Collaboration Services support increased visibility, teamwork, sharing, and collaboration for simulation data generated by Abaqus
  • Setup a collaborative space, add people and everyone works on the same set of data; it’s synchronized and version controlled as you work
  • Lightweight visualization of model, mesh, scenario and results; help decision makers experience results and reduce time generating reports
  • Direct access to geometry
  • Web-based portal to submit and monitor Abaqus jobs from anywhere
  • PLM Collaboration Services secure the value of your existing Abaqus files, data, results, and methods on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

User values

  • Run Abaqus/CAE* in a “connected” mode, leveraging 3DEXPERIENCE capabilities for collaboration , visualization, version control and knowledge capture
  • Supports all Abaqus/CAE* capabilities including continued openness to run any custom plug-ins or scripts
  • Configure, submit and monitor Abaqus Solvers from 3DEXPERIENCE
  • Run Abaqus using Burst Computing (PXA-OC)

This commercial role is part of the following academic role

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UXU Advanced Simulation