Marketing Media Producer (RDS)


The Marketing Media Producer creates high-resolution, premium content, using the Stellar precise rendering technology.
With precise visualization technology, the Marketing Media Producer enables the Marketing Experience Artist to prepare 2D, premium renderings for image-based Marketing campaigns (online, print) extending real-time experiences for multi-channel output.Leveraging STELLAR precise technology with Global Illumination (GI), an artist can streamline the rendering workflow in an optimized work environment. Once scene staging is finalized, the Marketing Media Producer role sends content to the render queue for batch rendering. As necessary, High Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities are applied to process the rendering in a large-scale, distributed environment.


  • Achieve premium material appearance and render quality in Global Illumination mode
  • Produce accurate product representation using Stellar precise rendering technology for physically correct results
  • Batch process high-resolution image production scenarios, supported by automated rendering
  • Support for High Performance Computing (HPC) that facilitates enhanced scalability
  • Receive good visual quality in less time in raytrace rendering mode thanks to denoising functionality

User values

  • Stellar precise rendering technology provides enhanced visual quality & realism of 2D content
  • Achieve visual consistency across 2D & 3D experiences to elevate brand storytelling
  • Fast-track 2D, premium media creation by producing renderings straight from the real-time model

This commercial role is part of the following academic role

  Trigram Name
UXP Marketing Experience