Assembly Modeling Specialist (SMA)

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A Simulation Extension Role for Analysts that create large and complex finite element assemblies requiring automated modeling techniques and the collaborative efforts of several engineering teams
Assembly Modeling Specialist (SMA) adds capability to a base role that enables the user to easily manage model structure for large assemblies of parts and meshes, either created on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform or in other 3rd party tools. Automated creation of finite element model representations based on Meshing Rules, or User-Defined Procedures or imported from an external mesher is enabled in addition to management of links between assemblies, parts, meshes and documents (rules, reports). Assembly Modeling Specialist makes it possible to create high quality finite element models using Batch Modeling breakthrough technology, including the automated generation of idealized geometries that can be reused between several simulations. Specialist users can define procedures through a scripting language, thus capturing the company’s modeling standards and best-practices, which can be shared with other users across the enterprise on the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform. Multiple mesh representations can be associated to each part corresponding to several simulation types or scenarios (noise, crash, drop, stiffness…). Smart filtering and selection tools enable users to build simulation models very easily for each discipline, facilitating reusability. Assembly Modeling Specialist also provides the ability to import (and export) meshes coming from 3rd party tools as a managed PLM object (with 3D visualization), and the possible conversion to orphan meshes when they have been imported as Nastran or Abaqus format, enabling the use of the standard authoring tools of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform (quality check, mesh modification…). All links between the various objects can be controlled and synchronized, which enables changes in the underlying parts and meshes to be made without re-creation of assembly information. Assembly Modeling Specialist is an Extension Role for the following: Mechanical Analyst (SMU) Structural Vibration Analyst (SLD) Noise and Vibration Analyst (SAS) Structural Functional Analysis Engineer (SFA) Structural Analysis Engineer (DRD) For a base role that does not include solving simulation models, see Finite Element Modeling Specialist (SFM). Assembly Modeling Specialist benefits from Simulation Data Science capabilities enabling all simulation activities, models, and results to be linked, traced, managed, updated, published, re-used, and analyzed with ease by all impacted users.


  • Generative environment for 1D-2D-3D modeling
  • Define and leverage modeling rules, rapidly generate on HPC
  • Automated model creation for large assemblies
  • Multiple FEM representations per part to maximize reusability between disciplines
  • Import/export and manage models from external sources or convert to native features for use in simulations
  • Multi-level Assembly of FEM representations for large configured models

User values

  • Collaborative preparation of large-scale, multi-level assemblies leveraging multiple teams and locations
  • Full traceability of the simulation model is ensured by the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
  • Automatic generation of simulation models via ‘fire and forget’ execution on HPC
  • Less time spent looking for geometry, part assembly information, fastener data, etc. thanks to the collaborative nature of 3DEXPERIENCE.

This commercial role is part of the following academic role

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UXU Advanced Simulation