Marketing Experience Scripter (VRS)


Use the JavaScript API to build custom user interfaces with templates and script behaviors to create experiences with optimized runtime performance.
The Marketing Experience Scripter extension brings customized script behaviors and interactivity into experiences. By selecting from prepared 3D UI and HTML coding templates, rapidly build your own user interfaces, e.g. web-based UI widgets and panels. Access actors, behavior parameters and connect them to different device inputs (like keyboards, game-pads or VR sensors). Users can also embed external web services, in order to display product information in real-time. Incorporate wide-ranging immersive behaviors, including teleporting, manipulation, ray picking, motion tracking and hot spots. Once the immersive experience has been created, the Marketing Experience Artist role can output the final VR marketing experience.


  • Embedded JavaScript editing to create web-based UI widgets or panels
  • Script interactions with user interfaces
  • Communication with external web services
  • Expose script variables in property panel or for use in Natural Language.
  • VR specific behaviors are available for use, including teleportation, manipulation and ray picking
  • VR device access for inputs and outputs
  • VR behavior with JavaScript Extension

User values

  • Customized user-interfaces and behaviors enhance interactions within the experience
  • Increase interactivity and experience storytelling through modification at runtime
  • External data connections enable localization and personalization within the experience
  • Streamline the experience setup with standard VR behavior templates and natural language
  • Adapt easily through native HTC Vive support
  • Achieve collaborative scenarios through multi-user support

This commercial role is part of the following academic role

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UXP Marketing Experience