Manufacturing and Production (UXM)

Extends 3DEXPERIENCE Essentials to digital manufacturing for industrial or manufacturing engineering programs.

24 commercial roles are embedded within this academic role.

Trigram Name Description Shot
ROS Robotics Optimization Expert NEW Screenshot
AMP Powder Bed Programmer NEW Screenshot
EMA Ergonomist Create highly specific lifelike manikins Screenshot
DCC Distortion Checker for Additive Manufacturing NEW Screenshot
EWK Work Safety Engineer Early Validation with Virtual Workers for a Safer Workplace Screenshot
NDR Drill & Fill Engineer Create, simulate, and validate complex NC drilling and riveting programs Screenshot
NMV NC Machine Code Validation Specialist Perform Virtual NC Program Validation Screenshot
NMT NC Multi-Axis Milling & Turning Programmer Create, optimize and validate advanced multi-axis milling and turning programs Screenshot
NMX NC Multi-Axis Milling Programmer Create, optimize and validate advanced multi-axis milling programs Screenshot
ASE Assembly Simulation Expert Automatically Generate Optimized Assembly Paths Screenshot
PPA Fastener Process Planner Create and Reconcile Assembly Fastener Plans Screenshot
MFM Heavy Industry Assembly Planner Define Manufacturing Assembly Plans for Heavy Industries Screenshot
MPO Heavy Industry Fluidic Manufacturer Create Heavy-Industry Fabrication Plans for Piping, HVAC and Raceway Screenshot
PPM Heavy Industry Process Planner Create Balanced Process Plans for Marine and Offshore Screenshot
WPM Heavy Industry Structure Manufacturer Create Manufacturing Structure Plans for Heavy Industries Screenshot
PPL Process Planner Define, optimize and validate process plans Screenshot
TMA Time Study Analyst Calculate Operation Times Using Corporate or Industry Standards Screenshot
WKS Work Instructions Designer Create Configured 3D Work Instructions Screenshot
RAE Robotics Arc Engineer Simulate Arc Welding Robots Screenshot
RSE Robotics Spot Engineer Create and Simulate Robotics Workcells with Spot Welding and Drilling & Riveting Capabilities Screenshot
RSF Robotics Surface Engineer DELMIA Robotics Surface Engineer (RSF) facilitates the creation and simulation of robotic surface processes—spraying, flaming, grinding, and finishing. In the integrated... Screenshot
RCV Virtual Commissioning Expert Sulate Robot and Workcell Behavior Screenshot
IEN Industrial Engineer Define and Simulate Resources and Material Flow Screenshot
PND Work Plan Release Manager NEW post GA Share DELMIA Planning Data with Production and DELMIA Apriso Execution Screenshot

Academic-specific limitations

Digital tagging (also known as "watermarking")

Files produced by the academic version of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform may be digitaly marked preventing their usage onto a commercial installation.

Immersive capabilities

Immersive Visual Experience (IHD) tokens are not available in academic environments to support immersive walls and caves.

Head Mounted Devices do not require the use of IHD tokens in academic environments.