Marketing Experience (UXP)

Brings virtual product and process models into real, interactive experiences for test users, marketing targets, product users and various types of learners.

5 commercial roles are embedded within this academic role.

Trigram Name Description Shot
CHA Marketing Content Animator Create lifelike, interactive experiences with the addition of character animation, rigid body physics and large-scale planet environments. Screenshot
PPO Marketing Model Processor Automate the cleaning and simplification of product data on local hardware for use in Marketing Experiences. Screenshot
RDS Marketing Media Producer Create high-resolution, premium content, using the Stellar precise rendering technology. Screenshot
VRS Marketing Experience Scripter Leverage the JavaScript API to build custom user interfaces with templates and script behaviors to create experiences with optimized runtime performance. Screenshot
XAR Marketing Experience Artist Compose data from product, nature and life, to build interactive marketing experiences. Screenshot

Academic-specific limitations

Digital tagging (also known as "watermarking")

Files produced by the academic version of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform may be digitaly marked preventing their usage onto a commercial installation.

Immersive capabilities

Immersive Visual Experience (IHD) tokens are not available in academic environments to support immersive walls and caves.

Head Mounted Devices do not require the use of IHD tokens in academic environments.