Systems Engineering (UXS)

Combines a rich set of functions essential for concurrently designing and simulating various types of objects using models simultaneously optimized for geometry and function.

26 commercial roles are embedded within this academic role.

Trigram Name Description Shot
SDY Dynamic Systems Designer Rapidly model, simulate and validate complex engineering systems using Modelica language, fully immersed in a Model Based System Engineering approach Screenshot
SEF Systems Schematic Designer Create discipline-specific intelligent characteristics for wiring, cabling, piping/tubing and HVAC systems Screenshot
CRZ Systems ClaRa Plus Library Model and simulate complex thermodynamic cycle processes for electricity power generation using Clausius Rankine cycles Screenshot
DCZ Systems Brushless DC Drives Library Allows the integration of Brushless DC motors and control into systems Screenshot
DOY Systems Behavior Optimization Optimize and tune systems parameters of a device or its controller to improve system dynamics for multiple criteria and multiple cases Screenshot
EIZ Systems VeSyMA Engines Library Model spark ignition and compression ignition engines for intake and exhaust flows, emissions and torque assessment Screenshot
ETZ Systems Electrified Power Train Library Assists design steps during the entire process of developing electric drives. Screenshot
EWZ Systems Electric Power Library Rapidly design and validate DC and high-frequency AC electrical network with multi-level of detail Screenshot
FBZ Systems Flexible Bodies Library Accelerate the analysis of large motins of flexible beams, annular plates and flexible bodies Screenshot
FDZ Systems Flight Dynamics Library Model, simulate and anlyze of the flight dynamic characteristics of a wide range of flight vehicles Screenshot
FLZ Systems Fluid Dynamics Library The Systems Fluid Dynamics library carries out CFD-Simulations using Modelica language and provides standard interfaces to 1D-Modelica-models for a seamless connection. The... Screenshot
FPZ Systems Fluid Power Library Model and predict hydraulic systems behavior for transportation, and mobility, aerospace and industrial equipment industries Screenshot
HCZ Systems Human Comfort Library Model and analyze the thermal comfort of building and vehicle occupants Screenshot
HVZ Systems HVAC Library Optimize the design & performance of Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems Screenshot
HYZ Systems Hydrogen Library Design, simulate and optimize PEM fuel cells systems Screenshot
SMQ Mechatronic Systems Designer Leverage the power of Modelica and 3DEXPERIENCE to rapidly develop, stimulate and validate complex mechatronic products and systems Screenshot
TIZ Systems Thermal Library Optimize Design of large and complex thermal systems Screenshot
VEZ Systems VeSyMA Library span>Predict on-road vehicles main performances, fuel economy and energy usage The VeSyMA Library provides the essential models for on-road vehicle systems modelling and... Screenshot
VUZ Systems VeSyMA Suspensions Library Develop active suspension systems for vehicle dynamics including road, driver and stability control models Screenshot
VWZ Systems VeSyMA Powertrain Library Predict and validate the performances of vehicle powertrain motion Screenshot
WPZ Systems Wind Power Library Rapidly model and simulate Wind Turbines at system-level for optimized performances Screenshot
XFM Systems FMU Export Generate Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) from the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform in order to integrate & simulate the model on other co-simulation platforms Screenshot
XRE Systems Real Time Execution Export Export from the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, Modelica compliant systems behavior models for use in Hardware in the Loop (HIL) test environments. Screenshot
XSK Systems Simulink Export Export Modelica compliant systems behavior models from the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for simulation within a Simulink environment Screenshot
BTZ Systems Battery Library Bring battery simulation to the system level Screenshot
PMZ Systems Pneumatic Library Design pneumatic systems and predict their behaviors for a large range of industrial applications Screenshot

Academic-specific limitations

Digital tagging (also known as "watermarking")

Files produced by the academic version of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform may be digitaly marked preventing their usage onto a commercial installation.