Advanced Simulation (UXU)

Extends the simulation capabilities within domain-specific roles, such as design and engineering, providing engineers, students and educators with the ability to collaboratively solve complex engineering problems spanning multiple scales and disciplines.

7 commercial roles are embedded within this academic role.

Trigram Name Description Shot
SMA Assembly Modeling Engineer A Simulation Extension Role for Analysts that create large and complex finite element assemblies requiring automated modeling techniques and the collaborative efforts of several engineering teams Screenshot
SML Simulation Geometry Modeler A Simulation Extension Role for Analysts who create geometry for simulations using parametric or direct modeling techniques Screenshot
MDA Additive Manufacturing Researcher Provide advanced process simulation capability for Additive Manufacturing. Screenshot
SSU Structural Mechanics Engineer NEW A Simulation Role for the Engineer that solves complex engineering problems using superior mechanical simulation methodologies to predict, validate and improve product behavior Screenshot
FGA Durability Engineer NEW post GA Perform fatigue simulation to predict accurate fatigue lives ensuring complex engineering products are designed for durability Screenshot
FMK Fluid Dynamics Engineer A Simulation Role for Engineers who perform routine fluid flow and thermal calculations to guide design modifications and explore innovative design concepts. Screenshot
SXK All Physics Analyst NEW post GA Screenshot

Academic-specific limitations

Digital tagging (also known as "watermarking")

Files produced by the academic version of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform may be digitaly marked preventing their usage onto a commercial installation.


The realistic simulation applications that are part of this role include the same functions as our commercial codes.

Model sizes are limited to 250,000 nodes for structural and plastics models, and 1,000,000 nodes for computational fluid dynamics simulations. User subroutines are not supported.

Jobs must be executed on the same machine as the open Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Parallel processing: Role includes support for execution on up to 4-cores for structures and plastics and 8-cores for fluids. Increased parallelization is not available.

Known issues

Advanced Simulation

The following Apps from the Advanced Simulation Role are visible in the Compass, but are not yet supported and should not be used:

  • Job Monitor
  • Results Analytics
  • Station Administration
  • Multiscale Experiment
  • Station Launcher