Program Manager Pack (U2G)

Provides you with numerous organization and work process related tools

Program Manager for Education, with its group work and deliverable management framework, allows you to automate academic work processes, to conduct multi-disciplinary, and potentially multi-year projects such as engineering student competitions, or to teach typical engineering management procedures.

10 commercial roles are embedded within this academic role.
Shot   Name Overview
Screenshot CCM Classification Manager Structure, Capture & Share Enterprise IP in Classification for better and faster business & Engineering decision
Screenshot CFG Configuration Engineer Optimize reuse while satisfying all possible variants of the product offer
Screenshot CHG Change Manager A strategic close-loop collaborative change process that clearly communicates change decisions and assignments to all impacted domains
Screenshot DEY Digital Mockup Validation Engineer Validate virtual prototypes & resolve issues faster by enabling formal management of the complete Digital Mockup review process
Screenshot DPM Project Manager Deliverables-based project management links product or service data to a project, enabling real-time monitoring and assessment to improve project performance
Screenshot PAU 3D Product Architect Enables designers to navigate and author multi-CAD product structures with a shared experience between structure and 3D visualization.
Screenshot PDM Product Manager Provide the right offers at the right time to meet the demand & personalization of customers
Screenshot TRM Requirements Engineer Enables all project stakeholders to capture and manage systems specification along systems lifecycle
Screenshot VOO Volume Computation Specialist Ease collaboration around geometrical representations, by creating simplified alternate representations of surrounding components or assemblies
Screenshot XEN Product Release Engineer Reduce engineering lead time to complete and validate the product Engineering Definition

Included apps

2D Layout Insight

3D Annotation Insight

3D Annotation Insight

3D Compose

3D Geometry Insight


CAD Data Processor Monitoring

Change Governance

Component Classification

Composites Insight

Design Synthesis

Engineering Release

IP Classification

IP Classification Editor

Interference Check

Interference Finder

Meeting Management

Model Definition

My Projects

Product Structure Editor

Project Management



Risk Management

Variant Management