City Contributor (CCNIC)

Confidently collaborate over city experiences with common points of view.

The city Contributor role allows users to create 3D experiences of the city leveraging the referential data sets created by the City Referential Manager. Based on the specific contexts, users could curate content, set visualization preferences and save viewpoints to explore interactively. It facilitates collaboration based on a common set of data and intuitively conveys intent to all city stakeholders by easily navigating the virtual twin inside a 3D dashboard. The city virtual twin could include 2D, 3D, symbolic representations as well as detailed project models. The navigation capabilities provide a seamless user experience from a large scale view to a pedestrian immersive view.

  • Leverage the city referential data sets
  • Understand and analyze the city data sets
  • Capitalize on urban projects experiences
  • Leverage full collaboration capabilities seamlessly with virtual twin context

Included apps

City Discover

City Play