Transportation Designer (CDT)

A complete and unified industrial design solution for transportation designers who want to gain competitive advantage by design

Transportation Designer is a complete and unified solution for the most demanding styling and design studios, covering 2D & 3D sketching, concept modeling, detailed and technical surface modeling to color & trim and design visualization

It brings together the intuitiveness of creative 2D painting gestures for 3D sketching, quick & easy 3D Concept exploration with virtual clay modeling, the power of accurate 3D surface modeling to achieve best-in-class Class-A surface standards and dramatically improve the perceived quality of a design, and the realtime & interactive rendering for design visualization. All of these are totally integrated, boosting design creativity and innovation.

Included apps

2D Layout for 3D Design

3D Printing Preparation

3D Templates Capture

Ambience Studio

Assembly Design

Collaborative IP Management

Component Family Definition

Converter for ICEM Surf

Converter for IGES

Converter for STEP

Creative Design Experience

Design Review

Digitized Shape Preparation

Digitized Shape to Surface


Drafting Template Essentials

Engineering IP Control

Exchange Management

FreeStyle Shape Design

Generative Shape Design

Generative Shape Develop

Generative Shape Morphing

Human Animation Studio

Human Design

ICEM Design Experience

ICEM Shape Design

ICEM Shape Morphing

Imagine & Shape

Live Rendering

Manufacturing Finder

Material Definition

Natural Assembly

Natural Shape

Natural Sketch

Part Design

Photo to Shape

Product Finder

Product Structure Design

Quality Rules Reuse

Rendering Scene Design

Shape Healing

Simulation Finder

Sketch Tracer

System Finder