3D Shape Designer (CRA)

Enable creative Design any time, anywhere on any device, with Web browser Apps for 3D Design, freeform Shape Sculpting and pattern Design

The new Role 3D Shape Designer enables Nomad Designer to express their creativity anywhere on any device with Web browser Role for 3D Design, freeform Shape Sculpting and pattern design, seamlessly connecting studios or small agencies.

3D Shape Designer is about the Design Freedom:

  • Freedom of Mobility to work Anytime, Anywhere on Any device
  • Freedom of creativity 
    • Quickly create & explore organic shapes with digital clay modeling approach based on subdivision surface technology
    • Quickly generate 3D patterns for styling exploration
    • Experience a Consistent 3D innovative Modeling workflow with an unique integration of state-of-the-art Solid Modeling and Assembly capabilities
  • Freedom to work with the inter-operability between web and native CATIA applications
    • With compatibility thanks to a common database
    • Sharing the same technology allowing fully editable datas in both ways

Included apps

x3D Design

xGenerative Design

xShape Design