City Referential Manager (CRMIC)

More flexibility to optimize territorial context quality vs navigation performance.\r\nCreate common contextual references between urban planning and design.

City Referential Manager provides capabilities to build and manage the virtual twin of the city. Data managers or administrators can leverage all their georeferenced content to create the city referential. Data will be uploaded to the 3DEXPERIENCE® platform and processed to enrich the city data model. Each city asset will be managed as a distinct object with its own semantic and graphic representations. From large-scale buildings and vegetation 3D representation to GIS simple features, this role allows users to create and curate data sets that other city stakeholders could leverage to experience the city via its varied virtual representations based on the qualified referential.

  • Build and maintain a common data referential for all city stakeholders
  • Manage city’s 3D virtual twin content, from symbolic to realistic

Included apps

City Discover

City Play

City Referential