Collaborative Industry Innovator (CSV)

Reduce product development cycle time and maximize innovation across the value network

Collaborative Industry Innovator maximizes contributions from everyone in the value network, from anywhere and with any device. 

The role enables users to:

  • Collaborate on structured industrial product development process
  • Work more effectively with streamlined and secured content access
  • Enable real-time concurrent collaboration, enhance decision-making and reach design maturity faster
  • Always work with up-to-date information and related data to reduce the likelihood of errors
  • Intuitively organize, view and track individual and shared issues, tasks, and change actions from creation through completion
  • Access content anywhere on any device with browser-based 3D visualization and geometric analysis tools for 3D comparison, measurements and sectioning

Included apps

3D Markup



Bookmark Editor

Change Action

Classify & Reuse

Collaboration & Approvals

Collaboration for Microsoft

Collaborative Lifecycle

Collaborative Spaces Control Center

Collaborative Tasks

Collaborative Tasks


Document Management

Enterprise Control Center

IP Classify & Reuse

Issue 3D Review

Issue Management

OAuth1 Control Center

Product Explorer

Project Execution

Project Gantt

Route Management