Visual Experience Designer (CSX)

Realistic visualization and experience of your design for immediate, defined & accurate decisions, directly accessible in your native CAD applications
  • Create highly realistic, decision-ready visual design models with precise & measured material appearances, environments, natural lighting using defined and review-ready cameras
  • Define trim levels and packages while ensuring consistency of material, surface, light and appearance to represent your design target
  • Capture current work steps and decisions with photo-realistic renderings and movies in Global Illumination
  • Ensure accurate decisions by visualizing directly on your native, managed CAD data, and save time capturing changes versus days of preparation in stand-alone software tools

Included apps

3D Printing

Ambience Studio

Collaborative IP Management

Converter for IGES

Converter for STEP

Design Review

Engineering IP Control

Exchange Management

Experience Models Preparation

Human Design

Live Rendering

Manufacturing Finder

Material Definition

Product Finder

Product Structure Design

Rendering Scene Design

Simulation Finder

System Finder