Aerospace Cabin Thermal Engineer (CTEAD)

Develop environmental control systems and energy-efficient cabin designs that ensure superior thermal comfort and improve the overall passenger experience

The Aerospace Cabin Thermal Engineer role allows you to:

  • Quickly evaluate the performance of environmental control systems in terms of cabin temperature, humidity, air quality control, and pressurization
  • Ensure a comfortable microclimate within the cabin while optimizing the seating configurations
  • Support the architectural design of HVAC layouts working with HVAC engineers
  • Offer a broad range of innovative cabin customizations for airline companies
  • Reduce expensive and challenging physical tests

Included apps

Assembly Design

Converter for IGES

Converter for STEP

Fluid Model Creation

Fluid Scenario Creation

Generative Wireframe & Surface

Material Definition

Natural Shape

Parametric Design Study

Part Design Essentials

Physics Methods Reuse

Physics Results Explorer

Physics Simulation Review

Quality Rules Reuse

Simulation Model Preparation