Systems VeSyMA Engines Library (EIZ)

Model spark ignition and compression ignition engines for intake and exhaust flows, emissions and torque assessment

The Modelica-based Engine library is capable of modelling both Spark Ignition and Compression Ignition engines and supports different levels of fidelity. It as been designed to work with common engine architecture templates. This enables quick model set-up and ensures a consistent layout for a variety of engine architectures. The Mean Value models predict the cycle averaged intake and exhaust flows, emissions and torque. 

  • Easy to customize to investigate new technologies like Variable Camshaft Timing and Atkinson cycle engines
  • Add turbochargers, superchargers and related components such as intercoolers
  • It is possible to simulate surrogate versions of Crank Angle Resolved Engine Models (CAREM) and Mean Value Engine Models (MVEM)
  • Standard engine templates are available. These can be used to build engines of different architectures