Systems Electrified Power Train Library (ETZ)

Modeling, simulation and analysis of electric drive system including controller, modulation method, inverter, electric machines and their thermal models.

This library covers the key components of an electric drive system, i.e. controller (e.g. field oriented control), modulation method (e.g. space-vector modulation), inverter, electric machine. Includes thermal models of the inverter and the electric machine to predict the temperature based on the calculated losses.

  • Rapid analysis of the impact of different powertrain configurations.
  • Simulate and validate the behavior of complex multi-physics electrified powertrain systems quickly and easily.
  • Validate power management system choices by taking into account the charging and discharging performance of fuel cells and batteries, their interaction with electric drives, their control strategies and other vehicle powertrain systems.
  • It is possible to select required driving cycle from set of different predefined driving cycles available in library