Systems Flexible Bodies Library (FBZ)

Accelerate the analysis of large motions of flexible beams, annular plates and flexible bodies

The Modelica based Systems Flexible Bodies Library enables the efficient mathematical modeling of flexible bodies such as components of multi-body and arbitrary physical systems. This library provides 4 Modelica model classes. Three of these classes are based on an analytical description of flexible bodies with a characteristic geometrical shape such as beams, annular plates and thermos-elastic annular plates.

  • Model and simulate mechanical systems that contain a mixture of rigid elements and flexible beam structures
  • Reduce costs through the seamless modeling and simulation of scenarios that are expensive and difficult to physicallly test
  • Analyze the impact of geometric stiffening and buckling during simulations
  • Beam Model is capable to represent a straight, homogenous and isotropic beam
  • The ModalBody model is capable to represent bodies with an arbitrary geometrical shape