Conversion Data Integrator for Parasolid (FOR)

Import Parasolid designs to support digital continuity across company boundaries including partners and suppliers

Users can import Parasolid exact geometry as a tessellated representation and leverage it in downstream processes, such as design review, digital mockup review, design in context, and manufacturing.  The Parasolid exact geometry can also be migrated into an exact geometry representation, thus allowing users to leverage converted data within 3DEXPERIENCE applications for design, simulation and manufacturing activities. 

  • Provide a smooth transition of Parasolid models for consumption into the 3DEXPERIENCE environment
  • Utilize tessellated or exact model representations from external data sources  in global business processes
  • Improve decision making by capitalizing on data from any number of touch points globally and concentrate on obtaining best in class suppliers and partners
  • Provide a tool for customers migrating away from Parasolid modelers

Included apps

Converter for Parasolid