Systems HVAC Library (HVZ)

Optimize the design & performance of Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems

This Library enables to analyze different system layouts in an efficient and flexible approach and compare their primary energy consumption, their carbon dioxide emission or the energy costs with regard to any reference period, as one-year period. Scenarios like a cost optimized system layout with various heating and cooling generation devices can be analyzed within only few minutes. 

  • Minimize building HVAC operating costs by selecting the correct system control strategy.
  • Avoid costly HVAC system design errors early in the building design process.
  • Accurately analyze operating costs through whole-year usage simulations of the building HVAC system.
  • Quickly assess how different control strategies will behave with dynamic building HVAC systems.
  • Dehumidification system for air humidity control
  • Different Heat Exchanger models are available
  • Solar thermal panel model is available in library.