Hydroformed Airframe Designer (HYAIA)

With respect of manufacturing rules, accelerate the Hydroformed Sheetmetal part design in context of an Airframe assembly including model based definition
  • Associative and dedicated hydroformed sheet metal feature-based modeling
  • Concurrent engineering between the unfolded or folded 3D shape representations
  • Model based design throughout 3D Annotations conveying the full Product Manufacturing Information semantic
  • Accelerate productivity based on automatic generation of the Functional Tolerancing, with quality in accordance to standards, Traceability and Standardization
  • Dedicated drawing capability including unfolded view and specific settings.
  • Cuts tooling design cost thanks to dedicated manufacturing preparation functions and rules
  • Access to company-defined standards tables and capture corporate knowledge, increases the quality of designs

Included apps

2D Layout for 3D Design

3D Annotation Experience

3D Annotation Insight

3D Printing

3D Printing Preparation

3D Templates Capture

3D Tolerancing & Annotation

Assembly Design

Bent Part Design

Collaborative IP Management

Component Family Definition

Converter for ICEM Surf

Converter for IGES

Converter for STEP

Converter for STEP Multidiscipline

Design Review


Drafting Template Essentials

Engineering IP Control

Exchange Management

FreeStyle Shape Analysis

Functional Part Design

Generative Shape Design

Generative Shape Develop

Interference Check

Interference Finder

Manufacturing Finder

Material Definition

Mechanical Systems Design

Natural Assembly

Natural Shape

Part Design

Product Finder

Product Structure Design

Quality Rules Reuse

Shape Healing

Sheet Metal Design

Sheet Metal Hydro-formed

Simulation Finder

Smart Mechanical Components

System Finder

Weld Design