Mold & Compensation Engineer (MOD)

Reduce cost of accurate part production by accelerating injection mold design thanks to dedicated guided assistant for design, simulation and compensation

CATIA Mold and Tooling Designer enables the designer to automate design tasks and assist decision-making of a complex mold:

  • Assess cost of innovative tooling concepts including accurate pulling direction, wall thickness analysis, placeholder for ejectors and cooling systems
  • Anticipate and check manufacturing compliance with plastic injection simulation integrated in the environment of the mold designer
  • Extract parting lines and parting surfaces in dedicated features providing a productive design change automation
  • Assess complex mold kinematics
  • Re-use company know-how captured in Smart Components
  • Provide a large catalogs of equipped Moldbases from most of the mold components suppliers
  • Design 3D Electrodes
  • Anticipate Tool Compensation based on scan or simulation result

Finally the complete integration within the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform allows work concurrently in teams on the same project.

Included apps

2D Layout for 3D Design

3D Annotation Experience

3D Printing Preparation

3D Templates Capture

Assembly Design

Collaborative IP Management

Component Family Definition

Converter for IGES

Converter for STEP

Core & Cavity Separation

Design Review

Digitized Shape Preparation


Drafting Template Essentials

Engineering IP Control

Exchange Management

Functional Part Design

Generative Wireframe & Surface

Interference Check

Interference Finder

Manufacturing Finder

Material Definition

Mechanical Systems Design

Mold Tooling Design

Natural Assembly

Natural Shape

Part Design

Part Feature Recognition

Plastic Part Filling

Product Finder

Product Structure Design

Quality Rules Reuse

Shape Healing

Simulation Finder

Smart Mechanical Components

System Finder

Virtual to Real Shape Morphing