Steel Structures Engineer for Marine and Offshore (SSEMO)

Engineer and validate the steel structure design, from preliminary to detail, to minimize costs and engineering time, while reducing weight

The Steel Structures Engineer for Marine and Offshore role allows you to:

  • Support full parametric design with various construction elements
  • Perform early estimation of preliminary design for manufacturing planning in advance
  • Experience robust and flexible detail design piece parts generation from basic design
  • Perform productive design without errors and rework
  • Support tight and seamless integration with manufacturing
  • Generate various classification drawings and production drawings with symbolic and mechanical representations
  • Efficiently develop and validate alternate design scenarios while complying with customer requirements

Included apps

2D Layout for 3D Design

3D Annotation Experience

3D Printing

3D Printing Preparation

3D Templates Capture

Assembly Design

Bent Part Design

Collaborative IP Management

Component Family Definition

Converter for ICEM Surf

Converter for IGES

Converter for Nastran

Converter for STEP

Design Review

Digitized Shape Preparation

Digitized Shape to Surface


Drafting Template Essentials

Engineering IP Control

Exchange Management

Experience Models Preparation

Feature Specialization

FreeStyle Shape Design

Generative Shape Design

Generative Shape Develop

Generative Shape Morphing

Generative Wireframe & Surface

Imagine & Shape

Insulation Design

Interference Check

Interference Finder

Manufacturing Finder

Material Definition

Mechanical Surface Refinement

Mechanical Systems Design

Natural Assembly

Natural Shape

Natural Sketch

Part Design Essentials

Photo to Shape

Physics Methods Reuse

Physics Results Explorer

Physics Simulation Review

Product Finder

Product Structure Design

Quality Rules Reuse

Rendering Scene Design

Shape Healing

Simulation Finder

Space Referential

Space Usage

Structural Model Creation

Structural Scenario Creation

Structure Design

Structure Functional Design

System Finder