Collaborative Designer for AutoCAD (UDA)

Enables enterprise-wide sharing of drawing data while enriching AutoCAD with embedded productivity and lifecycle management apps.

Collaborative Designer for AutoCAD connects the AutoCAD application to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enabling enterprise-wide sharing of drawing data. Expose your AutoCAD data on the platform to securely share, view, compare and explore in web-based apps. The drawing data contributes to a single, complete engineering product definition managed on the platform. All 3DEXPERIENCE solutions can then leverage your data once it is on the platform. Users continue to work in AutoCAD, preserving their skills while benefitting from additional capabilities and increased design collaboration.

Collaborative Designer for AutoCAD enriches the design environment with embedded capabilities to improve productivity. From within AutoCAD, designers can save data to the platform, access management capabilities such as maintain revision history, manage tasks, access related documents and organize content.

Included apps

Derived Format Converter

Design with AutoCAD

Import XPDMXML without Geometrical Conversion