Marketing Experience Creator (XEC)

Create interactive, real-time experiences for multi-channel customer engagements, leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE Twin for Marketing.
  • Create amazing experiences to activate all channels and touchpoints leveraging the content library
  • Efficiently communicate values and usage scenarios of your product or concept to customers and prospects
  • Showcase optimized design to order products in convincing storytelling experiences
  • Digital continuity exposes design IP (animation, configuration, simulation) and provides updates on design evolution
  • Create once and reuse ambiences, virtual humans and storytelling templates across different product lines and projects
  • Produce photorealistic images and videos from your 3D scene for multi-channel coverage
  • Publish optimized experiences in 3DSpace for reviews and playback in 3DPlay and 3DPlay Web
  • Publish the 3DEXPERIENCE Twin as a product-correct and glTF™ 2.0 conform representation with high visual quality

Included apps

Ambience Studio

Collaborative IP Management

Creative Experience

Human Animation Studio

Manufacturing Finder

Material Definition

Planets Studio

Product Finder

Rendering Scene Design

Simulation Finder

System Finder