Manufacturing Definition Creator (XMB)

Define, organize, and communicate design requirements with a powerful browser based solution

Manufacturing Definition Creator is a web based solution that offers engineers and designers the ability to define products in a more integrated, flexible, and intelligent way that combines the benefits of a model based engineering with the look and feel of 2D drawings.

With Manufacturing Definition Creator you can:

  • Define design requirements with annotations directly & intuitively on 3D models
  • Organize, and communicate definition with various orthogonal, axonometric, and custom views
  • Eliminate rework & boost productivity, by utilizing 3D annotations to create 2D drawings
  • Eliminate costly errors and keep your definition in sync by seamlessly sharing annotations, dimensions, and tolerances between 2D & 3D
  • Make changes with confidence; annotations, dimensions, and tolerances update automatically with model changes for both 3D & 2D definition

Included apps

Derived Format Converter