Virtual Storyteller Pack (U2P)

A 100% cloud based solution that brings virtual product and process models into realistic, interactive experiences

Virtual Storyteller for Education brings virtual product and process models into realistic, interactive experiences for test users, marketing targets, product users and various types of learners. 

11 commercial roles are embedded within this academic role.
Shot   Name Overview
Screenshot PAU 3D Product Architect Enable designers to navigate and author multi-CAD product structures with a shared experience between structure and 3D visualization.
Screenshot UE5 Collaborative Designer for CATIA V5 Enables designers to share design data and enrich CATIA® V5 with embedded productivity and lifecycle management apps.
Screenshot XPP Project Planner Reduce resource and overall project execution costs by empowering teams with different planning methodologies, leveraging enterprise knowledge
Screenshot UES Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS Access the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud-based platform from within SOLIDWORKS for secure data and product lifecycle management
Screenshot CCS Creative Designer Imagine, explore and create conceptual ideas through a comprehensive set of applications addressing ideation, concept modeling and visualization
Screenshot CFY Converters for Design and Styling The most frequently used data importers for design visualization on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, bundled into a collection
Screenshot CSX Visual Experience Designer Realistic visualization and experience of your design for immediate, defined & accurate decisions, directly accessible in your native CAD applications
Screenshot ICE Immersive Collaboration Experience Perform multi-user Virtual Reality reviews and capture team decisions directly and natively within your 3DEXPERIENCE data and applications
Screenshot MDG Mechanical Designer A powerful set of applications built to create and manage sophisticated mechanical projects
Screenshot XCO Marketing Model Creator The 3DExperience Virtual Twin as common foundation for all commercial media production, optimizes cost, saves time and supports compelling consumer engagements
Screenshot XEC Marketing Experience Creator Create interactive, real-time experiences for multi-channel customer engagements, leveraging the 3DEXPERIENCE Twin for Marketing.

68 included apps

2D Layout for 3D Design

3D Annotation Experience

3D Annotation Insight

3D Compose

3D Printing

3D Templates Capture

Ambience Studio

Assembly Design

Bent Part Design

CAD Data Processor Monitoring

Collaboration Package Management

Collaborative IP Management

Collaborative Tasks

Component Family Definition

Converter for COLLADA

Converter for FBX

Converter for ICEM Surf

Converter for IGES

Converter for OBJ

Converter for Rhinoceros

Converter for STEP

Creative Design Experience

Creative Experience

Derived Format Converter

Design Review

Design with CATIA V5

Design with SOLIDWORKS


Drafting Template Essentials

Engineering IP Control

Exchange Management

Experience Models Preparation

Extended Collaborations Control Center

FreeStyle Shape Analysis

Functional Part Design

Generative Wireframe & Surface

Human Animation Studio

Human Design

IP Import

Imagine & Shape

Import XPDMXML without Geometrical Conversion

Interference Check

Interference Finder

Kanban Board

Live Rendering

Manufacturing Finder

Material Definition

Mechanical Systems Design

Natural Assembly

Natural Shape

Natural Sketch

Part Design

Photo to Shape

Planets Studio

Product Finder

Product Structure Design

Product Structure Editor

Project Planning

Project Planning Control Center

Quality Rules Reuse

Render with SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Rendering Scene Design

Sheet Metal Design

Simulation Finder

Sketch Tracer

Smart Mechanical Components

System Finder

Weld Design