Systems Engineer Pack (U2S)

An ideal solution to cover mechatronics and cyber physical systems projects

Indispensable for modeling modern electro-mechanical systems, simulating their behavior and optimizing smart products, Systems Engineer for Education comes with numerous libraries representing the physics of diverse technologies and phenomena.

40 commercial roles are embedded within this academic role.
Shot   Name Overview
Screenshot CHG Change Manager A strategic close-loop collaborative change process that clearly communicates change decisions and assignments to all impacted domains
Screenshot PAU 3D Product Architect Enable designers to navigate and author multi-CAD product structures with a shared experience between structure and 3D visualization.
Screenshot TRM Requirements Engineer Enable all project stakeholders to capture and manage systems specification along systems lifecycle
Screenshot UE5 Collaborative Designer for CATIA V5 Enables designers to share design data and enrich CATIA® V5 with embedded productivity and lifecycle management apps.
Screenshot XEN Product Release Engineer Reduce engineering lead time to complete and validate the product engineering definition
Screenshot XPP Project Planner Reduce resource and overall project execution costs by empowering teams with different planning methodologies, leveraging enterprise knowledge
Screenshot UES Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS Access the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud-based platform from within SOLIDWORKS for secure data and product lifecycle management
Screenshot AVZ Systems Aviation Library Easily explore and experiment aerodynamic behavior of aircrafts to assess propulsion systems performances considering effects of the flight mission.
Screenshot BTZ Systems Battery Library Modeling, simulation and analysis of Battery systems from cells engineering to the battery pack design and validation
Screenshot CLZ Systems Cooling Library Develop cooling systems and dimension components, dedicated to batteries, electric drives and electronic thermal management
Screenshot CRZ Systems ClaRa Plus Library Model and simulate complex thermodynamic cycle processes for electricity power generation using Clausius Rankine cycles
Screenshot DCZ Systems Brushless DC Drives Library Allows the integration of Brushless DC motors and control into complex systems
Screenshot DOY Systems Behavior Optimization Optimize and tune systems parameters of a device or its controller to improve system dynamics for multiple criteria and multiple cases
Screenshot EIZ Systems VeSyMA Engines Library Model spark ignition and compression ignition engines for intake and exhaust flows, emissions and torque assessment
Screenshot ETZ Systems Electrified Power Train Library Modeling, simulation and analysis of electric drive system including controller, modulation method, inverter, electric machines and their thermal models.
Screenshot EWZ Systems Electric Power Library Rapidly design and validate DC and high-frequency AC electrical network
Screenshot FBZ Systems Flexible Bodies Library Accelerate the analysis of large motions of flexible beams, annular plates and flexible bodies
Screenshot FDZ Systems Flight Dynamics Library Model, simulate and anlyze of the flight dynamic characteristics of a wide range of flight vehicles
Screenshot FLZ Systems Fluid Dynamics Library Modeling, simulation and analysis of gas flows in three-dimensional spaces
Screenshot FMU FMU Export Generate Functional Mock-up Units (FMUs) from the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform in order to integrate & simulate the model on other co-simulation platforms
Screenshot FPZ Systems Fluid Power Library Modeling, simulation and analysis of hydraulic systems
Screenshot HCZ Systems Human Comfort Library Model and analyze the thermal comfort of building and vehicle occupants
Screenshot HVZ Systems HVAC Library Optimize the design & performance of Heat, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems
Screenshot HYZ Systems Hydrogen Library Design, simulate and optimize Polymer Electrolyte Membrane (PEM)of fuel cells systems
Screenshot MDG Mechanical Designer A powerful set of applications built to create and manage sophisticated mechanical projects
Screenshot MFZ Systems Thermodynamics Connector Interface library to use Multiflash in Modelica for Multi-component, multi-phase property calculations including gas, several liquid and condensed phases.
Screenshot MMO Mechanical Motion Designer Engineer accurate mechanism motion, composed of sophisticated sheet metal, machined metal parts for tooling and general mechanical applications
Screenshot PMZ Systems Pneumatic Library Design pneumatic systems and predict their behaviors for a large range of industrial applications
Screenshot PRZ Systems Industrial Process Simulation Library Perform analysis of control systems, test new control concepts, optimize start-up and shut-down process of industrial process
Screenshot RGD Report Template Administrator Accelerate documents creation by defining templates which integrate any data from different sources for automatic generation.
Screenshot SMQ Mechatronic Systems Designer
Screenshot TAD 3D Tolerancing & Annotation Designer Leverage Model Based Design through fast 3D Tolerancing adoption for product engineering
Screenshot TI0 Systems Schematic Engineer Create discipline-specific intelligent schematics for wiring, cabling, piping/tubing and HVAC systems
Screenshot TIZ Systems Thermal Library Perform Stationary and Transient simulation of freely configurable thermodynamic systems
Screenshot TRY Systems Traceability Analyst Reduce iteration loop by supporting collaboration and traceability in extended enterprise
Screenshot VEZ Systems VeSyMA Library Predict on-road vehicles main performances, fuel economy and energy usage
Screenshot VUZ Systems VeSyMA Suspensions Library Develop active suspension systems for vehicle dynamics including road, driver and stability control models
Screenshot VWZ Systems VeSyMA Powertrain Library Predict and validate the performances of vehicle gearbox and powertrain motion
Screenshot WPZ Systems Wind Power Library Rapidly model and simulate Wind Turbines at system-level for optimized performances
Screenshot VRP Test Manager Efficiently define, execute, and monitor Validation & Verification strategies. Ensure compliance with regulations and requirements, avoiding costly recalls

82 included apps

2D Layout for 3D Design

3D Annotation Experience

3D Annotation Insight

3D Annotation Insight

3D Compose

3D Printing

3D Templates Capture

3D Tolerancing & Annotation

Assembly Design

Behavior Experience

Behavior Modeling

Bent Part Design

CAD Data Processor Monitoring

Change Governance

Collaboration Package Management

Collaborative IP Management

Collaborative Tasks

Component Family Definition

Converter for IGES

Converter for STEP

Converter for STEP Multidiscipline

Derived Format Converter

Design Review

Design with CATIA V5

Design with SOLIDWORKS


Drafting Template Essentials

Electrical Systems Design

Engineering IP Control

Engineering Release

Engineering Specification

Exchange Management

Extended Collaborations Control Center

Functional & Logical Design

Functional Part Design

Generative Wireframe & Surface

HVAC Systems Design

Human Design

IP Import

Import XPDMXML without Geometrical Conversion

Interference Check

Interference Finder

Kanban Board

Manufacturing Finder

Material Definition

Mechanical Systems Design

Mechanical Systems Experience

Meeting Management

Natural Assembly

Natural Shape

Part Design

Part Design Essentials

Piping & Tubing Systems Design

Product Finder

Product Structure Design

Product Structure Editor

Project Planning

Project Planning Control Center

Quality Rules Reuse

Render with SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Report Generation

Report Generation Widget

Report Template Design

Report Template Design Widget



Sheet Metal Design

Simulation Finder

Sketch Tracer

Smart Mechanical Components

Space Usage

Static Study

Symbol Design

System Finder

Systems Synthesis

Systems Synthesis

Systems Traceability

Systems Traceability

Test Results Capture

Validation & Verification Library

Validation & Verification Strategy

Weld Design