Production Engineer Pack (U2M)

Delivers a common, up-to-date view of the manufacturing enterprise that facilitates problem-solving and enables efficient root cause analysis

Production Engineer for Education provides an extended set of apps to enable the design, simulation, automation and control of part production as well as assembly-level production. From offline robot programming to production of ergonomic operator instructions, optimization of automated production cells and balancing of complete lines. 

38 commercial roles are embedded within this academic role.
Shot   Name Overview
Screenshot PAU 3D Product Architect Enable designers to navigate and author multi-CAD product structures with a shared experience between structure and 3D visualization.
Screenshot UE5 Collaborative Designer for CATIA V5 Enables designers to share design data and enrich CATIA® V5 with embedded productivity and lifecycle management apps.
Screenshot XPP Project Planner Reduce resource and overall project execution costs by empowering teams with different planning methodologies, leveraging enterprise knowledge
Screenshot UES Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS Access the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE cloud-based platform from within SOLIDWORKS for secure data and product lifecycle management
Screenshot MDG Mechanical Designer A powerful set of applications built to create and manage sophisticated mechanical projects
Screenshot A3D Additive Manufacturing Engineer Prepare and compute the additive manufacturing process for the most common polymer 3D printing techniques for all users.
Screenshot AMD Material Deposition Machine Programmer Prepare & compute the manufacturing process for Material Deposition (DED-cladding) & Material Extrusion in Additive Manufacturing
Screenshot APX Powder Bed Machine Specialist Prepare, compute & simulate the manufacturing process for Powder Bed 3D Printer to reduce print time and wasted material.
Screenshot EEA Ergonomics Specialist Human-Centered Product and Workplace Design with Virtual Ergonomics
Screenshot EFS Factory Simulation Engineer Simulate material flow and resource utilization in a Virtual Factory context
Screenshot EMA Ergonomist Create Virtual Manikins with specific anthropometry and biomechanics attributes
Screenshot EMR Machine & Tooling Designer Create 3D virtual models of shop floor equipment such as machines, robots, 3D printers \u000Band tooling - including kinematics
Screenshot ETR Equipment & Layout Engineer Design & validate tooling, machines, and layouts to build the Virtual Factory
Screenshot EWD Ergonomic Workplace Designer Safe & Efficient Workplace
Screenshot EWK Work Safety Engineer Human-Centered Workplace Design with Virtual Ergonomics
Screenshot MFN Manufacturing Items Engineer Define, compare, manage and update the Manufacturing Bill of Material (MBOM) from the Engineering Bill of Material (EBOM)
Screenshot MGA Manufacturing Process Engineer Provides highly efficient browsing and basic authoring of Manufacturing Routings to create and update manufacturing plans in a light and affordable web client.
Screenshot NFRSA Fabrication Riveting System Programmer for Aerospace Create, simulate, and validate complex NC drilling and riveting programs for aerospace industry.
Screenshot NMD NC Mold & Die Programmer Define and validate 2.5 and 3-axis machining processes to machine complex molds and dies
Screenshot NPX NC Knowledge Manager The usage of knowledge templates by NC programmers will simplify the program creation and enable intelligent and automatic NC process creation
Screenshot NSR NC Shop Floor Programmer Enables CNC Machinist to create a NC Program dedicated to 3-axis Machine and Wire EDM
Screenshot NSV NC Shop Floor Reviewer NC Shop Floor Reviewer streamlines the Machining process by enabling shop floor users to review up-to-date NC processes and programs prior to execution.
Screenshot NTA NC Mill-Turn Machine Programmer Define and validate machining processes to program NC lathe and mill-turn machines
Screenshot NTP NC Prismatic & Mill-Turn Machine Programmer Define and validate machining processes to program NC lathe and prismatic mill-turn machines
Screenshot NTT Cutting Tool Technologist Create virtual models of tools and other parts directly from manufacturers' website
Screenshot NTX NC Milling Machine Programmer Define and validate programs to mill complex parts on a multi-axis milling machine or robot
Screenshot PEPEE Process Engineer for Plant Construction Define and validate the Construction Bill of Materials and construction strategy in a powerful 3D context
Screenshot PFE Fastener Process Engineer Create and validate the assembly process plans with fasteners
Screenshot PFSWP Fluidic Systems Work Preparer for Marine
Screenshot PSR Assembly Simulation Expert Quickly perform feasibility studies of your complex assembly or disassembly process to mitigate problems and accelerate time-to-market
Screenshot PST Manufacturing Engineer Fully define and manage your Manufacturing Items and Process Plans in a single environment
Screenshot PSWPM Structure Work Preparer for Marine
Screenshot PWD Work Instructions Author Visually define work instructions for any process, from simple assembly prototyping to complex manufacturing by leveraging 3D product models
Screenshot RAM Assembly Robot Programmer Program, simulate, and validate Robotic assembly systems in a 3D Virtual Factory context
Screenshot RARWI Fabrication Robot Workcell Programmer for Industrial Equipment Program, simulate, and validate Robotic fabrication systems in a 3D Virtual Factory context
Screenshot RSG Surface Robot Programmer Define and validate offline program robotic finishing systems in the Virtual Factory
Screenshot TSX Time Study Expert Analyze the time of manufacturing operations performed by workers based on proven supported time standard methods
Screenshot WKB Work Plan Viewer Improve first-time build quality and efficiency by reviewing Process information & related 3D work instructions

116 included apps

2D Layout for 3D Design

3D Annotation Experience

3D Annotation Insight

3D Compose

3D Printing

3D Templates Capture

3DOperations Viewer

3DOperations Viewer



Additive Build Preparation

Assembly Design

Assembly Evaluation

Assembly Path Optimization

Bent Part Design

CAD Data Processor Monitoring

Collaboration Package Management

Collaborative IP Management

Collaborative Tasks

Component Family Definition

Converter for IGES

Converter for STEP

Cutting Tools Builder

DELMIA Manufactured Items Management

DELMIA Process Management

DELMIA Process Management

Derived Format Converter

Design Review

Design with CATIA V5

Design with SOLIDWORKS

Distortion Checker


Drafting Template Essentials

Drilling & Riveting

Engineering IP Control

Engineering Specification

Equipment Allocation

Equipment Design

Equipment Simulation

Ergonomic Workplace Design

Ergonomics Evaluation

Ergonomics Manikin Editor

Ergonomics at Work

Exchange Management

Experience Models Preparation

Extended Collaborations Control Center

Factory Flow Simulation

Fastened Item Definition

Fastener Planning


Feature Specialization

Functional Part Design

Generative Wireframe & Surface

Heavy Industry Fluidic Fab

Heavy Industry Manufacturing

Heavy Industry Process Plan

Heavy Industry Structure Fab

IP Import

Import XPDMXML without Geometrical Conversion

Insulation Design

Interference Check

Interference Finder

Kanban Board

Laser & Waterjet Cutting

Machining Validation

Manufacturability Check

Manufactured Item Definition

Manufacturing Finder

Material Definition

Material Deposition Fab

Mechanical Systems Design

Mfg Context Builder

Mill-Turn Machining

Milling Machining

Multi-axis Machining

NC Shop Floor Review

Natural Assembly

Natural Shape

Part Design

Part Design Essentials

Planning Structure

Plant Layout Design

Powder Bed Fabrication

Prismatic Machining

Process Flow Simulation

Process Planning

Product Finder

Product Structure Design

Product Structure Editor

Project Planning

Project Planning Control Center

Quality Rules Reuse

Render with SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Robot Arc Simulation

Robot Optimization

Robot Programming

Robot Simulation

Robot Spot Simulation

Robot Surface Simulation

Robot Virtual Commissioning

Sheet Metal Design

Shop Floor Machining

Simulation Finder

Sketch Tracer

Smart Mechanical Components

Space Referential

Space Usage

Std Mill-Turn Machining

Structure Design

Structure Functional Design

System Finder

Time-Motion Study

Tool Analysis

Weld Design

Wire EDM Machining

Work Instructions